Friday, November 23, 2012

Time to go boys!

ISO 12800 f/16 1/400th of a second 400mm lens
Brattleboro, Vermont

I set out this morning camera in hand to capture animal images, 
had a list that I wasn't able to complete, pesky birds just would
not co-operate,  but had a really good time looking 


  1. You're photography is something else Sherwood! I love all the photographs I have seen to date.. my son does fashion photography which is not quite the same... for me images can still say a thousand words... - and you are good at it! Keep them coming! from an ardent fan! :)

  2. Thank you very much Tracey, I feel the same way most of what I do says something to me and I like to share it. I am glad that you like what I do thank you again ;-)

  3. <3 :) Thank you Sherwood - appreciate you taking the time to say, so much of life's everyday politeness is often lost these days... Very much looking forward to more of your fabulous work...