Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nancy's Beaded Fish; I call him NED

ISO 200 f/11 1/125th of second Studio Lighting conditions

Nancy embroidered this piece awhile ago (although she says it isn't finished yet) and today I realized I hadn't photographed it, so while working on another photograph for her, I slipped this one in.   I have also been updating the NEDBeads website ( ) and decided to use this little guy, who I've named NED, as a kind of guide through the pages.  You can find him swimming about the link bar at the top of the page.  :)  

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nancy's Freeform Bracelet: Compass

ISO 200 f/11  1/125th of second  90mm Macro lens under studio lighting conditions

To read Nancy's blog post about this piece and others you can click on her blog
in My Favorites in the upper right corner of this page or click on the link below

Snow & Ice

ISO 800 f/8 1/15th of a second tripod mounted: flash and white reflector

This evening just after the snow started to fall I took a piece of ice that had been forming all day on the corner of the house and stuck it in the accumulated snow on our hedges. About midnight I went out with a camera and took this image.  The snow flakes are attaching themselves to the ice and creating this crystal structure. 

The wonders of simple things!