Saturday, November 17, 2012

As Time Passes

ISO 12800 f/32 1/800th of a second  400mm Lens

It is interesting what you can find in your own yard;  
this is the remains of a rather large tree that fell on our 
barn in the spring a year or so ago, 
it didn't do much damage other than 
breaking a railing and knocking a shingle 
or two out of place.  I cut up what remained 
of the tree and disposed of it and was going 
to cut down this 5 or 6 foot remnant as well, 
but decided not to; it isn't in the way 
and I wanted to watch what happened with 
it over time. What remains of this 
once tall and thriving tree is slowly fading 
back into the earth; bugs, birds, wind, 
rain, hot and cold are all conspiring to reduce what is 
left to mulch.  

The textures and light on this fading tree remnant really 
caught my attention this morning so 
I thought I would share.

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