Saturday, September 22, 2012

My iPhone: Jelly Mill Falls

Jelly Mill Falls

Dummerston, Vermont

This is another personal preference set, like the photographs at Plainfield MA Beach I posted these both in Sepia and Color to see what you think.   This area is known as the Jelly Mill Falls in Dummerston VT.   This photograph is actually an 8 shots stitched together, all taken with my iPhone 4.  


  1. I like them both - the colours add a lot, but you can really see the path of the light in the sepia, and it adds depth to the picture.


  2. I'd love to know more about the stitching together. How do you do that? It seems amazing to me that this photo was actually 8 photos. I sure can't see where it's stitched! I love both of these.

    1. Thank you very much! The stitching process is interesting and can be allot of fun, the first thing that you need is a software program that has the stitching option, there are several, and you can use virtually any digital camera. This image was made with Adobe Photoshop Elements, it is not the highly expense and complex Photoshop program but a less expensive off shoot that is extremely power and allot easier to use.
      As far as taking the photographs it is important that all picture are taken on the same plane, parallel to the ground and overlapping about half way.