Thursday, July 12, 2012

Look who's come to dinner

This evening Nancy was getting the table ready for dinner while I was finishing work for the day, she had just sat down when I heard in a rather excited tone, "BEAR !   BEAR!! on the deck,  BEAR!!! on the Deck RIGHT NOW!!!!"   I came into the dinning room to see this guy climbing the railing and heading to check out the bird feeder.  He was disappointed as that feeder has been empty for months.  I was able to take several shots of him from less than 10 feet, before he half jumped, half climbed down the rail and went out to the apple tree in the back yard. 

I think this guy is the same one who decided that our trash bin was a lawn toy 
last Saturday and knocked it all over the side yard.

ISO 200 f/4.0 1/15th of a second   26mm lens  hand held 

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  1. George returned to the house this evening, or at least I think it was him, he left the trash bin door open and some medium sized Bear foot prints in the dirt around it. Unfortunately for George the trash had been taken to the dump earlier in the day, so the bin was empty; Sorry George, I do appreciate that you refrained from knock the bin around the yard though.