Saturday, July 16, 2011

Me and My Shadow

ISO 400 200mm lens f/8 1/500th of a second

This afternoon while returning home I was traveling on Vermont Route 149 near the New York border, I saw in a field off the side of the road a female deer, she appear to be alone as I got closer I found this was not the case.  It is not to unusual to see deer in this area, even in the middle of the day, what was different was the fact that these two were with her.  A mother and twin fawns, it is rare to see twin white tail deer, many don't survive due to allot of reasons but these two where happy and healthy.  May be a little to adventurous when mother deer saw me she turned and went back into the woods, these two came within 25 feet of me standing on the side of the road.  After taking several photographs I said the them "shouldn't you two go find your mother"  and this is what happened.  

Today was a good day!!!!!!

Mom and the twins

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  1. Omg they are sooo beautiful... you were very lucky to get a shot like that!!! They're such timid little things!!! Reminds me of Bambi!!! :) We don't see many deer up here... mostly moose, dall sheep, caribou... every way now and again you'll see deer, but this is such a treat!!! Thank you for sharing this!!!